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Date: 11th May 2016
Cable Tester
RJ45 / RJ11 Cable Testers?According to customers' requirement,Website:, it is updated with backlight function and 8 remote identifiers. Its main functions are: cable connection sequence, length testing, and determine any open, short circuit, jumper or cross-talk interference. It is said to be a ideal tool to prevent and solve cable installation problem.Features1. One person enough to locate the wire or connection error2. Checks wiring error in 5E, 6E, coaxial and telephone line, (open circuit, short circuit, jumper wire, reverse connection or cross-talk interference)?3. Make cable length measurement and determine the range of open circuit and short circuit?4. User can calibrate cable length dynamically and the accuracy can up to 95%.?5. Locates cable and there are 8 far-end passive test jacks (ID no.: ID1 - ID 8)?6. Easy operation, and clear test result on screen.?7. Portable unit with long battery life (wait-case 50 hours)?8. Automatically time-delay shut off?9. Self-checking function and automatically compensates any change in battery capacity or ambient temperature
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